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Why You Must Treat Trading Like a Business

If you’re serious about creating income and building wealth from trading, you MUST treat it like it’s a business.

Trading is a business. And it should be treated like one.

If you’re trading or investing as a hobby, then so be it. But if you’re serious about creating income and building wealth from trading, you MUST treat it like it’s a business.

You must nurture your trading like it was a business. Give it the necessary attention and the discipline for it (you) to be wildly successful.

If you’re not prepared to do so, then you’re just not serious about it.

I often digress to the old Tony Robbins saying, “When you burn the boats, you’ll learn to live off the island.”

You’re responsible to show up to your business, day in and day out, even if you don’t want to. You’re responsible for the performance of your business.

You must be dedicated to your business and be willing to make the sacrifices that come with having a profitable business.

You must treat it like a business… Pay yourself like it’s a business… Retain operating capital like it’s a business… Because trading is a business.

It’s a business that you are solely responsible for. It’s just you and the market. Get intimate with it. You should know what you’re trading like you know your spouse. Intimately!

You must hold yourself accountable and to the highest standards if you want your business to be wildly successful. There’s no shortcoming allowed without consequence!

Just like you’d report to your job or Main Street place of business, you must be on time, you must be prepared, you must be stable and you must have the right mindset.

When you get to your trading computer and you’re about to make a financial decision, you must be in the right frame of mind.

Don’t trade if you’ve already started drinking. Don’t trade if you just had a fight with your spouse or your kid.

If you just got into a car accident or were pissed off that the guy in front of you cut you off at the store when you went to check out, DO NOT TRADE!

This is real money and a real business… If you treat it that way!

And if you treat your trading like a business, it should pay you like a business. The goal is to make money, so let’s stick to the goal that our discipline offers us!

Rules to Live By

Do not read, as children do, to amuse yourself, or like the ambitious, for the purpose of instruction. No, read in order to live.
Gustave Flaubert

Until next time, I wish you a beautiful and blessed day!

Yours In Trading Success,

Anthony Speciale Jr.

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2 Replies to “Why You Must Treat Trading Like a Business”

  1. I have dabbled for 10 years, and I am ready to treat my trading as a business. Thank you for your encouragement, Anthony


    1. Hi Debbie! My pleasure. I hope to help you along your journey in any way possible! Have a blessed day!


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