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Why I Love Bull Corrections And Bear Markets

Lets face it... Most traders and investors get squirmy when the market pulls back. Not me. I get excited! And I’m going to tell you why...

Lets face it… Most traders and investors get squirmy when the market pulls back. Not me. I get excited! And I’m going to tell you why…

This is where that old saying comes in: Bull corrections and bear markets separate the boys from the men.

The amateur trader/investor believes the only opportunity to benefit from the market is when it’s going up. That’s simply not true. However, that remains the perception!

We see it in our business. When the market is going up, we have new students interested in getting involved. It’s called FOMO or the “Fear Of Missing Out.”

Inversely, when the market is going down, we see students hesitate to get involved in trading. They start talking themselves out of opportunities they’re not even aware of.

For investment portfolio services like Rapid Wealth Alliance and Small Cap Fortunes, down days in the markets are our best days!

Money is made when you buy, and profit is realized when you sell. If we can buy awesome companies with strong financials and fundamentals, the cheaper the better!

For trading services like The Speciale Report, we look for both long and short opportunities. We don’t care which way the market wiggles for us, we just want it to move.

We can buy to the long side in the futures, ETF and options market. We can also sell to the short side in the futures, ETF and options market.

Believe it or not, markets typically only “trend” approximately 30% of the time. That means as a trader, identifying the 70% of the time to be on the sideline preserving resources is just as if not more important than just diving into the market blind.

The same concept applies to Main Street as it does on Wall Street. If I’m going to buy a home or a piece of investment real estate or even a business for that matter… 

I want to buy into weakness. I want to buy when it’s on sale. When money gets expensive to borrow, that’s when the opportunity exists.

When everything is on fire and selling at all time highs, and when money is cheaper than it’s ever been, that’s when it’s time to ring the register and sell.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling shares of a stock or selling a piece of real estate or even a business. Let someone else overpay for something you worked hard for.

After all, that is how the wealthy make their money. Timing plays an incredibly important factor in your success. Buy when there’s value, sell when there’s strength. Repeat…

Now, if you’d like more information about any of the premium trading services I mentioned above, please reach out to our support staff to see if any of them could be a good fit for you. We can be reached at 407-606-5674.

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Until next time, I wish you a beautiful and blessed day!

Yours In Trading Success,

Anthony Speciale Jr.

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