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Why I Do Not Trade Without a Settlement First

My approach to the market is simple: Trade less (less risk and exposure) and profit more (by taking high probability setups).

Many may have thought that Russia invading Ukraine would have been the prime opportunity to get long the energy sector and perhaps short the overall market.

While volatility did hit all markets, both to the upside and the downside, what I was looking for to transpire actually did not happen.

Many of you know that I’m a crude oil trader. It’s the corner of the market that I specialize in.

So what happened? WTI spiked overnight to $100 a barrel, and in the same trading session it pulled all the way back to close in the $92 handle. That’s nearly an $8 intra-session move.

Perhaps for a day trader this presented an opportunity, but for a seasoned swing trader, this didn’t confirm the entry I was looking for.

When I’m anticipating a several-month move, I look for a weekly settlement.

When I’m anticipating a several-day/week move, I’m looking for a daily settlement.

Students of my premium advisory service, The Speciale Report, not only get my trade ideas as they transpire… More importantly, they get my weekly market analysis.

This market analysis is designed to help them learn to identify when it’s time to be in the market and when it’s time to step aside. Remember, cash is a position as well.

Keep It Simple

My approach to the market is simple: Trade less (less risk and exposure) and profit more (by taking high probability setups).

Well, it sounds simple, but it requires A LOT of discipline.

Let’s take a look at a chart of crude oil futures. We’ve been waiting for confirmation to take a long or a short trade, neither of which has transpired yet.

Daily Chart of Crude Oil Futures (April 2022) — Source: TradingView

As you can see, WTI spiked on the Russia/Ukraine news.

Had we triggered an entry, we would’ve gotten slaughtered as it retraced. There was no safe place to get long.

This is why I wait for those settlements. I’m currently looking for a weekly settlement to get long or a daily settlement to get short.

Until that happens, I’ll preserve my resources.

But once it happens (and it will; it’s just a matter of time), the upside should yield us a 100%+ option play opportunity.

The downside should offer us a several-thousand-dollar futures play opportunity.

The beauty of The Speciale Report’s trade ideas is we accommodate all styles of traders… Futures, ETFs and options plays all accompany our write-ups.

If you’d like to learn more about the opportunities the energy sector offers, please feel free to check out The Speciale Report by clicking here!

Rules to Live By

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
Maya Angelou

Until next time, I wish you a beautiful and blessed day!

Yours In Trading Success,

Anthony Speciale Jr.

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