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What is Your Why?

We should all take a moment and have this conversation in the mirror. Not to look like a fool, but to get an honest answer.

It’s a personal question and one you have to ask and answer for yourself.

We should all take a moment and have this conversation in the mirror. Not to look like a fool, but to get an honest answer.

WHY do you do what you do? WHY do you want to be who you want to be? WHY is it important to you?

Do you do it because you love it? Or do you do it because you’re after the money and the stuff?

In my opinion your WHY has to hold a greater purpose than the money and the stuff. Because if it doesn’t, you’ll lack the fulfillment that comes with it.

There’s something to be said about self-gratification. Not the big house, the fancy cars or the Rolexes… About setting out to do something, raising the bar and accomplishing it!

There are lots of reasons WHY we do what we do. Most focus on the byproduct of greatness and success which is the money and the stuff.

But there has to be more than that, such as our families, our legacy, our freedom, our security and our quality of life.

My Why

For me, my WHY is one thing… FREEDOM. Freedom to have the ability to do what I want to do, when I want to do it, all on my terms. It’s the reason I started trading.

Remember, I come from main street businesses. There’s a lot of overhead, employees, customers, marketing, maintenance and liabilities among many other things that come along with it.

When it comes to trading, it’s just me and the market. It’s intimate! One of us is going to win and one of us is going to lose. It’s a zero-sum game. A game I fell in love with.

There are none of the other distractions that come with it. It’s just straight up, down and dirty, right to business. I’m in it to make money!

In trading, I make a living, and I go about living my life. My motto is simple: Trade less and live more. I only take the most conservative setups. And if I can find one reason not to take the trade, I simply won’t.

I don’t need to trade every wiggle. I just need to grab enough action to earn a living that provides me with FREEDOM that fulfills my WHY.

It doesn’t matter what happens in my life. As long as I have a few bucks in my trading account, I have the skills needed to earn myself a living and build a legacy.

That’s my WHY.

I encourage you to figure out what your WHY is. Focus on that… not the money and the stuff. That will come, but don’t make it your focus.

If you do, you’ll lose sight of your WHY, and ultimately it will disrupt your outcome.

Rules to Live By

It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.
Lewis Carroll

Until next time, I wish you a beautiful and blessed day!

Yours In Trading Success,

Anthony Speciale Jr.

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