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Two Promising Tickers for 2022

Hi guys! Tim Melvin here… Welcome to another Better Way to Wealth update!

With 2021 finally in our rear-view mirror, many on Wall Street are starting their new year by looking for bargains on new stocks that they foresee being major providers in 2022.

While these traders continue to scrounge around for potential opportunities, I’m coming to you today to let you know I believe I’ve found two contenders that could be big producers for early investors in the weeks and months to come.

These picks are priced at such a bargain and have seen such growth over the past few trading weeks that even company insiders – including one company’s own CEO – have begun to buy up shares with their own money, proclaiming the stock to be a great investment opportunity!

With this in mind, let’s take a look at today’s picks and how I believe we could all profit from them in the days and weeks to come…

Friedman Industries Inc.

The first pick on today’s list is a familiar one to my longtime subscribers known as Friedman Industries Inc. (FRD).

As stated above, long-term subscribers to this list will recognize this company as a previous investment that we did well on a short time ago.

… And by the looks of their recent growth, we could do even better in the days to come!

Founded in 1965, this company has a focus on the steel industry, producing steel plates as well as pipes for gas and oil delivery for many producers across the globe.

Being in such a volatile industry, this company is no stranger to the ups and downs this market sends its way. And yet, despite any temporary market volatility, this pick has managed to come out the other end stronger than ever. If anything, these market fluctuations have allowed them to better understand the economic cycles and how best to ride them out.

Today, the company’s own CEO is proclaiming that this stock is currently way too cheap and has taken it upon himself to by several shares, telling outsiders that the growth seen on the outside looks just as promising on the inside.

Folks, I don’t have to tell you that if a company’s corporate insiders are buying into their own stock, that is a clear message that everything they’re seeing is going up and appears to be on a path to continue to do so in the near future.

If this is true, anyone interested in getting in on a pick before it heads up (which I think is all of us) is definitely going to want to take a close look at this pick before it’s too late.

180 Degree Capital Corp.

Next up on today’s watch list is a company that’s currently in what I consider to be a fantastic situation known as 180 Degree Capital Corp. (TURN).

This is the type of stock that could prove to be tempting to long-term investors who hope to plant their money in one spot for decades with the possibility of making a fortune.

Even better still, this company is WAY off anyone’s radar and currently trading at 70% of the book value and, over the last five years, has returned 373% compared to 72% for the Russel 2000 and 120% for S&P.

180 Degree Capital is a company that focuses on investing in smaller companies and helping them turn their declining businesses around. (And with today’s economy as it is, there’s definitely no shortage of companies that could use their help!)

Currently trading for less than the value of cash and securities in its own portfolio, this pick has a 50% upside right out of the gate!

Over the last 5 years, this pick has been able to produce major returns for investors and the portfolio growth doesn’t appear to have an end in sight. All while the entry price continues to remain stagnate.

Any discounts currently being provided are not going to be indefinitely available and will soon go away once Wall Street discovers this hidden gem. Therefore, I’m encouraging my readers to take a close look at this pick and decide now whether getting in on this possible contender for a top performer of 2022 is the right investment move for them.

The Wrap Up…

Well, there you are folks! My top picks for the new year.

Remember, when playing the markets, nothing is certain, but if you’re looking for educated advice on which stocks could be heading up in the days to come, then you’re definitely going to want to take a look at today’s picks and consider adding them to your portfolio today.