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Tim Melvin Joins The Conversation – Better Way To Wealth

John Denton (00:00):
Hey, everyone is John Dutton with a local conservative coming at you again with another exclusive video, just for our readers. If you remember yesterday, I spoke with my good friend Carter clues. Carter has been in the political trenches for decades. He’s been fighting on behalf of American conservatives all over this country. So when Carter speaks, we listen, Carter, welcome back. Glad to have you here again, man. And why don’t we just jump in and you can continue from our first video. Give us a little bit more explanation as to what drew you to this better way to wealth initiative.

Carter Clews (00:31):
Well, thank you very much, John. It’s great to be back with you. I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday. Yesterday’s talk and I’m looking forward to this. I’m especially looking forward to this because you and I know we’re going to bring on a guest. Who’s going to show people how to bankroll themselves for a long, long time to come with the kind of investments you and I would love to make and have dreamed of making and never could. And, and actually you asked me what made me seek out the better way to wealth and this gentleman we’re about to interview and what was it, if I can put it in perspective, it kind of goes back that actually 40 years ago, okay. I was in a meeting with a little group of us in Eastern, with white house, with president Reagan. And he was, the Reaganomics had blown everything away and the critics were still pillaring him and Reagan said, and you’re going to see in a second, everybody is how this applies to where we are right now with, with this Tim, Melvin’s better way to wealth.

Carter Clews (01:36):
Reagan said, well, the problem with liberals isn’t that they’re ignorant. It’s just that they know so much it isn’t. So, okay. And so I heard that and fast forward now. Okay. And it turned out to be true. You know, I was there in the swamp 40 years and they knew a lot that wasn’t so well, but fast-forward to the day I leave Washington, I get married. My bride says, please quit politics. So year and a half ago, I left judicial watch left politics and decided, you know, I worked hard for my money. I’m going to make my money work for me. I want to invest. And so I started reading everything inside. I started watching the TV talking heads on those financial shows, CNBC Fox financial sort of reading, Yahoo, finance everyday. And you know what I found, I found that these TV talking heads and these, these investment experts, or as I call them yesterday, John, when we talked that, you know, the silk tie blow-dry types, they know a lot that wasn’t, so it was costing, it was going to cost me a lot of money.

Carter Clews (02:42):
So fortunately, I talked to my good friend, Mike Ward, who was just tremendously respected in the financial industry. And he said, you need to talk to Tim, Melvin, okay, you need to talk to Tim Melvin, and you need to follow his better way to wealth. And you know what folks I talked to Tim, and it was like all of a sudden, the, as my dad used to say, the clouds parted and the sun came out and, and I found that better way to wealth. And now we want your readers and it’s, and it’s really good of you to help your readers have access to this same gentlemen. Okay. And so that, that’s how I came to the better way to wealth to do Ronald Reagan.

John Denton (03:23):
Well, Carter, I’m sure our readers will be absolutely thrilled to know that there’s a connection between this better way to wealth initiative and the great Ronald Reagan. I mean, that’s, that’s, that’s insane. And that, I always love hearing your stories of all these awesome conservatives that you you’ve met and worked with. You mentioned our special guests, Tim, Melvin. We’ve got Tim here today. So why don’t you just go ahead and bring them in and let’s have a conversation about this better way to wealth initiative?

Carter Clews (03:47):
Well, you’re right. Th this is this, this is a, an honor for me as well as a pleasure. And it’s been very profitable, to be honest with you to get a chance to introduce Tim Melvin, to your readers, because folks you’re going to see a major change. The more you follow Tim, and you can follow him by the way, at the link below, it’s going to be up throughout this program over and over again, write it down because that’s a free newsletter from Tim. And when you start to hear it with the SSA, you’re going to say, I got an access to that as well as the free daily videos, Tim and I will talk about. But so when I talked to Tim, I realized right away when it comes to investment systems and a notice of what he speaks for years, for, for more than 30 years, Tim has been the man behind the guys who have made the fortunes.

Carter Clews (04:38):
I’m just that simple. And you know, he’s kind of like those of you familiar with Vesta and even a little bit, Tim, we kind of comparing to the Charlie Munger behind Warren buffet. Okay. because he’s the one that these wealthy folks turn to when they say, well, where’s the smart money going and where’s the stupid money not going. Okay. And, and when I say these people turn to him, let me tell you some of those people, I want to read a tape because I want to make sure I don’t make a mistake here. Tim regularly consults with the partners at some of the oldest value investing firms on wall street, the retired head of one of the most successful arbitrage funds and the history of the stock market, former commodities trader of the most successful hedge funds of all time. Some of those the heads of four major ETF firms, the retired chief investment strategist of one of the four largest investment banks in the country. And now starting right this minute, Tim Melvin, with his better way to wealth is going to talk to your tell to your readers, your followers, with the same type of remarkable, remarkable insights and information. Tim, thank you,

Tim Melvin (05:56):
Carter. Thank you. I’m I’m frankly, blushing after that introduction, but let me tell you, most people face big challenges today when it comes to making money and ensuring the financial freedom, I’m talking about things like there’s really no place to get good information. It’s all a hoax, but the challenges have never been bigger. I’m concerned about the same things as you are. In fact, Carter, I think you said it best already. It massive government debt, a workforce that would rather get a handout than go to work and what that means for our economy. And of course, taxes, taxes, and then some more taxes. We all know they’re coming for our money. I could go on and on and on the surface, things may seem okay, but underneath this could all be deceiving.

Carter Clews (06:55):
Okay. So first of all, I, you know, I agree a hundred percent. It, it is just we are in a situation now, which is extremely precarious. Inflation, skyrocketing taxes are soaring, Tammy. You’ve made it abundantly clear. Thank you for sharing the concerns the rest of us do. So let’s get down to nitty gritty. You can tell people how they can make more than the government can take. And that’s one of the reasons I absolutely absolutely am thrilled. Every time we get a talk and I write it all down and that’s my investment guide, what do people need to do? Where do they go? How do they make the money Carter?

Tim Melvin (07:35):
As we go through this, I’m going to be busting some of the biggest myths and misconceptions in the investment world. I’m going to show you where the BS, all the misconceptions even lies that exist. And I’m going to show you a better way to make money, proven numbers, driven investments with the goals of doubling your money faster than you ever thought possible. And then doing that same thing over and over until you’re wealthy. It’s just that simple. But let me give you four examples Carter right now, right?

Carter Clews (08:04):
Great. Please write these down folks. Seriously, write this down and literally take it to the bank. Go ahead.

Tim Melvin (08:12):
Electric vehicles have been hot and they’re going to be hot. And the truth is we are going to transition to electric vehicles in this country over the next few decades. It’s not happening tomorrow night, no matter how much the administration wants that to happen, but wall street. And a lot of the talking heads are telling you to take certain steps, to make unbelievable fortunes. And it’s simply not true. The reality is a lot of money is going to be made in electric cars over the next couple of decades, but it’s not the companies and investments that you’re being told that it is. I’m going to show everybody exactly how to make money in electric vehicles over the next several now inflation. And this was running a muck all over wall street lately, lately we’re going to have inflation and we might, that’s very strong possibility, but they’re telling you to buy specific investments, buying those specific investments at these prices, probably a losing proposition. There’s a fantastic way to make money off of inflation. But if you go with my strategy for making money off inflation, you’re going to make money. Even if we don’t have inflation, you’ll just make a lot more. If we do have inflation

Carter Clews (09:30):
And then perfect tech

Tim Melvin (09:32):
Stocks, you’ve always been told that there are certain strategies for making money in tech stocks, and most of them are completely wrong, but there is a better way to earn very high compounded returns in the tech stocks without taking the ridiculous risks that wall street wants you to take when it comes to buying technology stocks, and then finally special purpose acquisition companies. Spacs yes, you’ve been red hot over the last year. You know, hundreds of deals getting done as these IPO’s come out for the specs. And they’re telling you that this is a way to get in on the new pre IPO market. And guys that is just absolute garbage. It doesn’t work that way. The reality is there is a specific strategy that the big money on wall street. And I learned this from one of the most successful firms that have ever executed the strategy. I’m going to teach you how to consistently make money in specs in ways that wall street is never going to show you.

Carter Clews (10:38):
And Tim, let me, let me make clear. When you say you’re going to do this folks, you need to understand Tim is going to give you the names of the companies that ticker symbols and, and the timing, the timing of when to make your move, to maximize your profits. You can’t beat that. And I’m telling you I’ve after months and months and months of listening to these other people and being steered in the wrong direction, that is exactly what you need. I, you know, when Tim, when, whenever I got to a point with listening to these other experts that I, all I could think of when it came to the stock market was what the scarecrow told Dorothy and the wizard of Oz. Remember what he said. He said, Dorothy, it’s a long journey through a dangerous country. It really is. And you provide the guidance and you’re the legitimate wizard I might add. And you’re going to tell people exactly where to go and what to do, which is fantastic.

Tim Melvin (11:39):
That’s, that’s absolutely correct Carter it’s there is a better way to make money in the stock market and I’m going to share it with everybody that signs up at the link below, and it’s going to be every day, we’re going to come out Carter and I discussing what’s going in the world, in the markets. And the best thing about it is every single day of the week. And it’s going to be free. So click the link below and sign up.

Carter Clews (12:02):
Yeah, absolutely free. And Tim, nobody, nobody out there in the financial industry. I know because I’ve been looking for him, has done anything like this. And, and I appreciate it. I know you’re one of us, you know conservatives are always are kind of, all conservatives are kind of from Missouri were show me type people and you have shown me over and over again. And now folks, when you click the link below, Tim’s going to show you in the free newsletter and the free daily pod podcast and chapter, and first of where the smart money is. So Tim, thank you. That’s fantastic. I
Tim Melvin (12:43):
Appreciate it. Thanks. Thanks for spending some time with me today. And folks look, just click the link below. No cost to you except a little bit of time. And give me a chance to show you a better way to wealth. Okay.

Carter Clews (13:10):
I’m going to say I was waiting you’re you’re the one who watched it. So I wanted your evaluation.

Tim Melvin (13:14):
Oh no. Yeah. I thought it was tight. I thought the rubber tire was good. I thought the sales part was, was, was good. And Tim, I like how you, you know, you’ve sort of wrapped it. You wrapped up what, what car you, re-emphasize what Carter had to say. That was good. At the end there with the sales thing. Good. Okay.

Carter Clews (13:32):
You know what I just realized though, we’ve got to come back to John. Okay. That the script doesn’t do that Carter. I know, but, but it, I know it doesn’t, but it’s going to look very odd. John introduces us and assists show and his audience and his newsletter readers. So I think we better say something like, and John, thank you for having us both on

Tim Melvin (13:55):
Can, can you do that one real quick? Cause that could hear your voice.

Carter Clews (13:58):
Yeah, I will. Yeah. Let me try. Brian’s got it. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Tim, thank you so much. I deeply appreciate what you’ve told us today. What you’re going to be telling us that the free newsletter at the link below daily videos also free. So thank you. Thank you for talking about this fam John, thank you for having us on to talk to your readers. We deeply appreciate it. And we’re looking forward to getting to know them and helping them on the road to the better way to wealth. Thanks John.

John Denton (14:30):
Oh, Carter. As usual, it’s been a pleasure. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule, to speak with me again about this better way to wealth initiative and TM. Thanks for hopping on and giving us some more insight as to how better way to wealth really works. I know that my readers are going to love it, and they’re really looking forward to getting some more content information from both. You, you guys Carter and Tim. So to my readers at the local conservative, this has been John didn’t get ready for some exciting things in our newsletter coming from Carter and Tim, you’re not gonna want to miss it. Have a good day.