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Introducing Anthony Speciale… Your New Guide to a Better Way to Wealth

Good morning! My name is Anthony Speciale, and welcome back to A Better Way to Wealth!

In today’s video, I’m going to share with you a bit about myself, how I came to get involved in the market and some insight to the way I trade.

Some of you have had the opportunity to get to know me as I’ve been an analyst at Traders Agency for quite a while. But I wanted to take a moment to tell you more about my approach.

I’m a 10-year trading veteran, and it was certainly a bumpy ride at times. I say this because, especially right now, we’re experiencing some turmoil in the markets. These are the ebbs and flows that come with being a trader.

Trade Passive, Win Massive

I got involved in trading for one purpose and one purpose only… I wanted a different lifestyle from the path that I was previously on. I got involved because I wanted to build wealth. I wanted to create massive income in a passive manner in the market.

Now, I’ve been in business for myself my entire adult life. I ran my family’s company, but because I’ve been so successful in the market, this is what I now do full-time. I love it so much I’ve actually decided to teach it, and that’s why I’m here today.

But let me back up a bit… I was born and raised in northern New Jersey where I reside currently with my wife. I come from a small town and a suburban family. We were raised blue-collar, and the family business was a gas station and auto repair shop.

No fancy degrees here. My father and grandfather had no college degrees, and neither do I. But we’ve all learned trades throughout the years. My grandfather was an upholsterer who could build something out of nothing, and my father was an auto repair technician who can fix and build almost anything.

Somehow, I got the gene for being a businessman. I don’t know why, but I did, and numbers are my thing. So, when it came to the market, I gravitated towards it. While my dad and grandfather had a hands-on feel for things, I understand numbers and can make them work for me in the best way possible.

But I come from a long line of blue-collar entrepreneurs, and I think that’s important because we’re all really just regular people. My grandfather was drafted into World War II, while my father graduated high school and went straight to repairing cars in my grandparents’ garage.

I also went straight from high school to working for my father because I had little to no direction at the time. However, I did know that numbers were my thing. I excelled in math and as young businessman. I built and sold little businesses, including a landscaping business. I would buy cars and motorcycles, fix them and sell them… All kinds of things like that.

But as I got older, I really wanted to play with the big boys. And while my father was making a few pennies selling a gallon of gas, I knew that someone higher up the food chain was making a lot more money. So, I naturally gravitated towards commodities, and that’s where I started my trading journey.

My Trading Journey

People thought I was crazy and would get eaten alive in the markets. Well, I did. I’ve blown up a few trading accounts, sure. But I continued down the path of getting to where I am today.

That’s what this is… a journey to become a trader. And the reason I say that is because, just like becoming an attorney or a doctor, there’s a process involved. A lot of people just fund a Robinhood account and think they’re suddenly a day trader. But they’re not. Trust me.

However, as time goes on, there are methods to approach the market that can be very profitable. And my method is very simple… Passive trading for massive income. And I accomplish that in two different ways.

First, as I told you, I come to you as a small business owner. That means I know how to value small businesses, and it’s just the same as when I value a company on Wall Street. I look for certain things, including cash flow, potential dividend earnings and what they’re doing with that cash flow.

Are they buying back their stock? Are they reinvesting it in the company? Are there growth, earnings and sales? I know as a small business owner that cash flow is the bloodline of any business. And if I find a business that has great cash flow and is doing something productive with it, I probably want to own it.

Second, I use a technical approach to the markets. Give me a chart and five minutes, and I’ll tell you where to buy and where to sell. It’s really that simple. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. But for the most part, it’s fairly accurate.

And the reason I say that is if you follow through with a disciplined trade plan on a technical basis, you can do really well. Most of the time, I’ll tell you that this is what I think, and the trade itself will never even transpire.

You’ll learn over time as I share these methods with you and how I take them from an idea to a trade plan to an effective way of approaching the market that my favorite position is cash! The least amount of time I can be in the market and the most amount of money I can make is my favorite way to trade.

That’s how I want to trade, and that’s the way I want to share with you. That’s also what we’ll talk about in the coming days, weeks and months. I’ve done it successfully for many years, and I’ve been through the learning curve. It is painful, but my goal is to help make that learning curve less painful for you.

With that said, I will part with you for today, and we’ll pick up again tomorrow. For now, I just want to say I appreciate the time you’ve spent with me today, and I look forward to speaking with you tomorrow. Have a beautiful and blessed day!