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Are these 5 microcaps on your radar?

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Hi guys, welcome back to a better way to wealth. I’m Tim Melvin, and thanks a lot for watching yesterday. I talked about my micro cap stock strategy. I gave it to you for free yesterday, the entire strategy, the three super rules that you use to implement this strategy. Guys, this thing is strong earning the types of returns that this thing has earned over the last 20 years, you would have turned $1,000 into, are you ready for this? $126,000 over 20 years? If you put $10 million in this thing of $10,000 in this strategy, you got 1.2, $6 million. Today. Life looks better with 1.2, $6 million in the bank. So we’ve given it away. It works. It’s relatively easy to, to do. The one thing is, is that the cost of clean, accurate data to implement the strategy can be quite expensive. Now the answer to that is I’m already paying, I’m already paying for the data.

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So I charge you less than I’m paying for the data to give to you the pics every every week or every month and managed the portfolio you’re coming out of the head of the game. But we’ll talk about that down the road today, I’m going to give you the five best picks. In my opinion, my five favorites out of the current portfolio. Now the first one up is way off of wall Street’s radar screen. Mostly it is a small stock. It’s also in nutritional supplements. You know, a business that we all like, right? Everybody takes these things in the, you know, they seem to be popular and they’re not the only nutritional supplement company that’s doing pretty well right now. Now here’s the next Stripe. They’re a multi-level marketing company. They do business all over the world. They are red hot in parts of Asia.

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So I don’t glyco nutrition using Alovera. I have no idea, never taken this stuff. I sincerely doubt that I ever will, but they’re generating a lot of cash guys. They just did a tender offer. Let me check the number. They bought back 211,000 shares of stock at a price lower than the current stock price because management thinks that the stock is very cheap. And in fact, it really is. It’s got a price to sales of just 0.3, 9%. That’s extraordinarily low. I don’t care what kind of business you’re in the business is in great financial condition, generating cash. They should grow earnings by about 20% a year over the next four to five years, credit, 10 times earnings. And there’s even a 2% dividend yield with this stock, the symbols, MTV E X again, wall street hates it. It’s small, it’s nutritional supplements and it’s multilevel.

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That’s free strikes as far as they’re concerned, but the stock actually has the potential to hit us a home run. Now the next one up, I really like this stock. I’ve liked this stock for a while. I’ve made money in it before. And that’s Lincoln educational systems. L I N C I think it’s uniquely well positioned right now as the world has just learned that college is way more expensive than it needs to be. You know, when you had kids staying home last year, or mom and dad wrote checks for 50, 60, and $70,000 for college you begin to question whether or not that’s the right route to to happiness and success. Lincoln education systems, L I N C is the symbol. They don’t do online college they’re trade school. So they’re teaching folks electronics, electronic systems, HPIC cosmetology, automobile you know, mechanics welding, and more importantly, I think information technology.

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So these are businesses that you’re always going to be able to get a good paying job. You’re going to be able to have a great life. You’re not going to be scrambling to figure out what to do with that philosophy degree. And I’m not running down philosophy degrees guys. I’m a huge fan of philosophy. I think it should actually be taught in high school, but it is a limited career path with just a philosophy examination. Now I live in an area down in Southwest Florida where almost all of my neighbors are the owners of wildly successful blue collar businesses like plumbing shops, like electrical shops. Okay. You can make a fantastic living once you learn a trade and information technology is going to be the new middle-class occupation, in my opinion, because it information technology, data processing, data analysis, that’s the wave of the future technologies growing.

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It’s growing all the time. That’s going to continue for all time. I do believe so. An it technician is going to be in a great spot to earn a really good living and have a nice life. So L I N C the stock is extremely cheap. Point five five, a price to sales ratio, 9.7 price earnings ratio. The company is growing at a very rapid clip, excellent fundamentals as measured by the [inaudible] score. So that’s another one of my favorite stocks that makes this portfolio bell fuse makes products it’s B E L F B is another old favorite. They make products used in networking and telecom high high-speed data. There’s aerospace and military uses for some of their par products and also broadcasting applications. They make magnetic products, power products connectors, cable assemblies, just all the stuff that goes into building electronic systems for various industries.

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Got a price to sales of just 0.3, one. You’ve got a price to earnings ratio of nine, which is ridiculous. And it’s going to be growing very nicely over the next several years, especially as we continue to see strong demand as everything becomes technology driven right down to the appliances in your home. Next up is Williams industries, w L M S is dissemble here. They do construction and maintenance and support to T energy, power and industrial markets. They do oil and gas construction. They do nuclear decommissioning and clean up. They also have applications for industrial gas companies local and power plants, municipal water systems. So just, just a great company, lots of businesses that are just not going away, whether it’s renewable energy or traditional energy, they’re in a position to be involved. You got a 0.5 for price to sales growing very rapidly and should continue to do so outstanding fundamentals, lots of free cashflow and best of all, they have net operating losses from years back that they can use to shield most of their cashflow from current income taxes.

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And it’s going to take them a few years to burn that up. So there’ll be able to use it going forward quite, quite well and best, you know, second best of all, they’re using that cashflow to pay down debt, which is you’ve been with me awhile. You know, that’s one of my favorite things to see a corporation do with excess cashflow. So there’s some stocks that I like best out of the current portfolio. This is a unique, have I promised you finally gave you four one more real quick USA trucking the trucking, a logistics company, the supply chains being rebuilt. Price of shipping has gone up rather dramatically. They have 2065 trucks, 6,200 trailers, so they can mix and match the medium haul trucking and freight services, point to price to sales, eight times earnings growing rapidly and reducing that. So all of my favorite things with USA trucking U S

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A K. So now that’s all five stocks. This strategy

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Is a unique opportunity. You can use this to make an enormous amount of money and earn returns that you only dreamed of being possible. It’s one of many strategies that we’ve developed that can be used with a primary focus for those that can be mostly used just by individually investors like you and I, to build our wealth at a very rapid rate. There’s one giving it to you for free. You’ll never see this one again for free. It’s too good, but please learn how to use it. Study it. It can make you an enormous amount of money Tim Melbourne, and that’s a better way to wealth.