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Disappointment is a Part of Real Life Trading

Every week, members of my premium trading service, The Speciale Report, get my weekly analysis of the energy market.

Every week, members of my premium trading service, The Speciale Report, get my weekly analysis of the energy market, particularly the WTI Light Sweet Crude futures market.

The reason we focus on this market is because it offers us so many different ways to trade it.

We can trade it in the futures, ETF and options markets, all of which give members the opportunity to trade at their comfort level.

My weekly analysis for last week had highlighted that a settlement 1%+ below $102.50 would likely yield a price acceleration towards the $93.00-$91.00 support area.

On Monday evening, the price settled right at $101.18 and offered us the full 1%+ confirmation to take the short towards our targeted support area.

So, I set up the trade with a short entry at $101.00, a stop loss at $107.25 and my target at $94.25. I always round to the nearest quarter to give a bit of wiggle room.

I then proceed to write up the trade idea to share with my members. The market opened and gapped in the direction of my profit target. So, I hesitate for a second.

Price wiggles around a bit and comes as high as $100.92. Now, I need it to penetrate my bid/ask at my entry in order to have my position filled.

It never happens, as the market just continues to sell off. It sinks lower and lower, further and further away from my entry and closer to my target.

Disappointments Are Going to Happen

I was heartbroken. Not because I missed out on a $60,000+ opportunity for myself, but because I wasn’t able to give the members of The Speciale Report the opportunity to see this transpire.

But this is the gut-wrenching reality of being a real-life trader and trading a real-life funded account. It doesn’t always work perfectly.

So, during our weekly live session (held every Wednesday afternoon), I spent the majority of our time discussing the disappointments that accompany real trading. This is one of them.

The price action did exactly what my analysis had anticipated it to do. It just didn’t cooperate with our ultra-conservative entry and trade plan approach.

I think after we discussed it, I remained more disappointed than my members did. For me, it’s just another trade. But for most, it’s very exciting to see the entire process transpire.

Perhaps I’ve just been doing it long enough that it’s just become another day in the office for me.

And in all honesty, I hope all traders are able to, at some point in their careers, get to the same place. Having the ability to park the emotion is invaluable!

Now, if you’ve ever wondered what you may be missing out on, here’s what members of The Speciale Report had to say during the live class…

Again, the beauty of The Speciale Report’s trade ideas is we accommodate all styles of traders… There’s really something for everyone.

If you’d like to learn more about the opportunities the energy sector offers, please feel free to check out The Speciale Report by clicking here!

Rules to Live By

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Until next time, I wish you a beautiful and blessed day!

Yours In Trading Success,

Anthony Speciale Jr.

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